Katy is campaigning for a new constitutional settlement based on a genuine equal partnership of the nations of the UK and recognising the Scottish peoples right to self-determination. Whilst clearly it is a matter for people in Wales and England to determine their constitutional future, Katy is campaigning for;

  • A strong Scottish Parliament with full tax raising powers and unrestricted borrowing powers to  invest in social and economic infrastructure such as building homes and supporting industry. 
  • Transparency in funding transfers between the nations of the UK.
  • The pound as the currency with an agreed new remit for a renamed Bank of England to be agreed by the Scottish Parliament.
  • Reserved areas to be agreed between Scotland and the UK with specific consent required from the Scottish Parliament for legislation which affects Scotland and on major decisions such as war. 
  • Representation of nations and regions in a reformed democratically elected second chamber.   

Public Services:

Katy has a track record of campaigning for well funded public services in the public sector from her involvement in anti-cuts campaigns in the 1990’s, campaigning against privatisation as a trade unionist and voting and speaking out against austerity and privatisation in Parliament.

In these elections she is campaigning for:

  • Proper funding and a transfer of powers to local government 
  • The insourcing of services such as care 
  • Smaller class sizes, more resources for schools and action to address the attainment gap
  • Investment in housing and empowering government to intervene in the economy 
  • To bring the railways back into public ownership 
  • A pay rise for all public sector workers 


Katy is campaigning for a Zero Covid strategy and for public enquiries at both a UK and Scottish level to learn the lessons from the pandemic to date. 

“The official UK wide figures for COVID-19 deaths are now significantly more than 100,000 and rising, one of the worst rates in the world and many mistakes have been made. Both Westminster and Holyrood need to ensure that the experience to date is incorporated into future decision making.

The roll out of the vaccination programme will make a significant impact but it will not completely take away the threat of COVID-19. Had Governments followed Zero Covid strategies such as those in New Zealand and many countries in East Asia and the Pacific, the death rates would have been much lower.

Independent Sage told Governments last summer to adopt a Zero Covid Government policy but they weren’t listened to.”


Cunninghame North has suffered a decade of public spending cuts. As your MSP, I will stand with local people and work with others for fair funding for local authorities who provide so many of the services local people rely on. I will work closely with trade unions to ensure that services such as care are brought in-house and that workers in all sectors receive at least the Living Wage, a decent pension and good terms and conditions.

I will fight for investment and well paid unionised jobs; for municipal energy such as the new wind farm at Kilwinning and for publicly owned bus services that provide regular services to all communities.

I believe that the Scottish Parliament does have the powers to regenerate our communities if courageous and imaginative political decisions are made. I will fight for any additional powers needed to ensure that investment is made to rebuild. We need to build back better after the pandemic. Going back to how it was isn’t good enough.

The West of Scotland has been at the sharp end of generations of deindustrialisation and we need a green industrial revolution to bring the jobs of the future and to tackle poverty and deprivation.
We need to recognise who owns the land and wealth and if necessary bring land into public ownership so that economic decisions can be taken to develop an economic strategy built on full employment, economic growth and investment-led strategies.

I will work to extend democracy at every level, for the decisions which affect people in Scotland to made democratically by Scottish people and to empower working class communities.

I will be a powerful voice for Cunninghame North, listen to local people’s experiences and put pressure on all levels of government to deliver what communities need.