Katy’s Priorities

Katy will do her utmost to promote West of Scotland interests in the Scottish Parliament fighting for: a bold and fair economic recovery from the pandemic, for jobs and investment for the West of Scotland, for fair pay and pensions, for properly funded public services, a publicly-owned National Care Service with parity with the NHS, publicly owned and fully accountable transport networks, and a just transition prioritising  job creation and well paid employment as we move towards a greener economy.


Katy is clear that governments should have followed the Zero Covid strategies of New Zealand and other countries in East Asia and the Pacific. Over 100,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK. Many of these deaths were avoidable, with significant mistakes made around Personal Protective Equipment, care homes and the premature reopening of key industries. The virus has not been the “great leveller” as working class communities, particularly those working in manual jobs, working in unsafe environments have paid a heavy price.

In Parliament, she will fight for a public inquiry at both Scotland and UK level which ensures the lessons of the pandemic are learned

Public Services

Katy has a track record of campaigning for well-funded public services in the public sector from her involvement in anti-cuts campaigns in the 1990’s, campaigning against privatisation as a trade unionist and voting and speaking out against austerity and privatisation in the Westminster Parliament.

She will fight in the Scottish Parliament for:

  • Proper funding and a transfer of powers to local government 
  • The insourcing of services such as care 
  • Smaller class sizes, more resources for schools and action to address the attainment gap
  • Investment in housing and empowering government to intervene in the economy 
  • To bring the railways back into public ownership and against cuts in services  
  • A pay rise for all public sector workers 
  • A publicly owned bus network that provides key services to all community

    Katy will work to extend democracy at every level, for the decisions which affect people in Scotland to made democratically by Scottish people and to empower working class communities. She believes we need to recognise who owns the land and wealth and that urgent land reform is essential,  if necessary bringing land into public ownership so that economic decisions can be taken to develop an economic strategy built on full employment, economic growth and investment-led strategies.

    She believes that the Scottish Parliament does have the powers to regenerate our communities if courageous and imaginative political decisions are made. She will fight for any additional powers needed to ensure that investment is made to rebuild. The West of Scotland has been at the sharp end of generations of deindustrialisation. It’s time for a green industrial revolution to bring the jobs of the future and to tackle poverty and deprivation.

    Katy believes in a new constitutional settlement based on a genuine equal partnership of the nations of the UK and recognising the Scottish people’s right to self-determination. 

    Katy is Convenor of the Scottish Parliament WASPI (Women Against Pension Inequality) Cross Party Group, a member of the Scottish Parliament Criminal Justice Committee and a Justice spokesperson for the Scottish Labour Party.