I was proud to join recent demonstrations highlighting the cost of living crisis affecting millions of people and demanding action to protect households who are struggling.  

From April, the cap on the average energy bill will rise by nearly £700 per year. This comes on top of the planned 10% per month national insurance rise, the removal of the universal credit £20 uplift and the rising cost of almost all essentials.  The big oil and gas companies such as BP and Shell have announced billions of pounds in extra profits and the wealth of the richest in society has increased dramatically.  No action had been taken to put extra taxes on those who have profiteered from the pandemic. 

The UK Government scrapping the energy price cap uplift and levying a windfall tax on the enormous profits of energy giants. The Scottish Government must also use the powers it has to levy land based taxes on organisations companies who such as Amazon, to protect households by topping up the Welfare Fund, reverse water charge increases and delivering a £400 Scottish Fuel Payment to low income households.