Cunninghame North candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections and former MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, Katy Clark, is hosting a public Zoom meeting to discuss how change to the social care system is needed for it to be fit for the 21st Century. The meeting is being held on Tuesday 2nd March from 6pm-7pm (tickets available from Eventbrite).

Katy said “Too often social care is underfunded and overlooked. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fundamental flaws within our broken and underfunded social care system.

The Feeley Report is an independent report commissioned by the Scottish Government after the high death rate in care homes, with recommendations to change the social care system. Do these recommendations go far enough? How do we create a National Care Service which provides care in the public sector similar to the way the NHS provides health services?

Join our panel to discuss the current social care crisis and how we create a social care system fit for 21st century Scotland, both for those who work in social care and for those who rely on it.

The event is chaired by Louise McDaid who has worked in various social care roles in North Ayrshire and has extensive experience of representing care workers as a trade union representative.

The Speakers for the evening are:-

Katy Clark Candidate for Cunninghame North in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections

Katy is the former MP for North Ayrshire and Arran.

Stephen Low – UNISON Scotland

Policy Officer Stephen will talk on the Feeley report.

Nadia Whittome – MP for Nottingham East.

Nadia is the youngest MP in the House of Commons and a former Social Care worker who was sacked during the pandemic for going public with concerns about lack of PPE ( personal protective equipment).

Councillor Robert Foster North Ayrshire Council

Portfolio holder for Health and Social Care since 2017

The event is being followed up later in March with a private Zoom meeting to listen to experiences of the care system from local users. If you work in the social care sec-tor, have personal experiences of using it for yourself or family or friend or are interested in the confidential discussion email for more details.

For further information contact Katy Clark on 07702000716 at

or alternatively Valerie Reid on 07964848912 on


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