Labour candidate for Cunninghame North, Katy Clark, is calling on voters to vote by post if they possibly can in this years Scottish Parliament elections due to the pandemic.

Katy said; “This is going to be an election like no other.

I have real concerns about the safety of the coming Scottish Parliament elections on 6 May given the high levels of COVID-19. We have to do as much as possible to keep them safe.

If at all possible we should all vote by post. Every step must also be taken to keep the staff who administer the elections safe.

We also need to minimise numbers at polling stations as we don’t want them to be a source of the virus spreading. If the elections are to go ahead in May, I hope that as many people as possible will apply for a postal vote by the deadline on April 6th.”

You can sign up for a Postal Vote using the following link from the Labour Party; Apply for an early vote (

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