Katy has been shortlisted by Scottish Labour to run on the West of Scotland Regional List. Read her full statement below;

“I am delighted to have been shortlisted for the West of Scotland Regional List. The ballots are being sent out to Labour Party members in the West of Scotland on 6 January. 

For those who don’t know me, from 2005 to 2015 I was the Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, so have experience of representing a large geographical constituency with unique and diverse communities.  As an MP, I prioritised casework and held surgeries in 43 locations to maximise my availability for all constituents.  I opened two offices in different parts of the constituency, and with the support of a strong team, we helped thousands of constituents.

I raised many issues from the community in Parliament. For example I secured support and retraining for those affected by the closure of Simclar factories and campaigned against asset stripping and for workers rights.  I helped secure compensation for thousands of families who lost their savings with the collapse of the Farepak Christmas Club and put down amendments to change consumer law to stop it happening again.  I campaigned with local Coastguards against the closure of Greenock Coastguard Station.  As a lawyer for UNISON I won Europe’s biggest equal pay case which helped deliver equal pay in the NHS and used this experience to put down amendments for equal pay audits. 

As an MSP I would adopt a similar approach, prioritising giving an excellent service to constituents, holding surgeries in as many communities as possible and continue to work closely with trade unions, trade union members in workplaces, local campaign and community organisations. I will report regularly to CLPs, Party members and constituents. 

I look forward to discussing with Labour Party members over the coming weeks what we need to do to rebuild the economy after the pandemic with well paid jobs and decent public services; how we eradicate poverty and have economic policies for growth; and how Labour wins again in the West of Scotland. 

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