Labour’s candidate for the Scottish Parliamentary elections in Cunninghame North, Katy Clark has called for a decent pay rise for public sector workers. She welcomed the one-off payment of £500 which was recently announced by the Scottish Government for Health and Social Care staff but ex-pressed concern at the “division” which had followed with some public sector “key workers” receiving the payment, and others not.

Katy Clark said “After such a difficult year, we need to acknowledge the role that public sector workers have played and collectively thank them for the way they have pulled together, given the heroic role they have played during this pandemic. Refuse staff, bus drivers, nursing staff, social work assistants, cleaners and so many others have stepped up. I warmly welcome the recent announcement of the £500.00 payment to some, but it is clear this has been demoralising to others who don’t qualify and feel that their contribution has not been valued. I hope this is now addressed in forthcoming pay announcements”.

On 7th December UNISON Scotland passed an emergency motion asking for the Scottish Government to recognise all COVID-19 responders.

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